About Us

The Michiana Jewish Historical Society was founded in 1994 to document and share the story of Jewish life in the Michiana area with current and future generations. The founders, led by Mendel and Louis Piser, founded the organization to record that history, make it available to the Jewish and general communities, and promote understanding and appreciation of the Jewish experience in Michiana. Under the leadership of Roger Birdsell, its first Executive Director, MJHS published several booklets about the Jewish Federation, cemeteries and other institutions in the area.


Since then, MJHS has sponsored educational and entertaining programs and events, expanded its archive, and published important materials about the Michiana Jewish community. Highlights include:

  • Six publications about the histories of the Jewish Federation, local synagogues and cemeteries

  • An archive with 23 collections, including organizations and congregations no longer active in the community

  • L’dor v’Dor – From Generation to Generation – a recently published book with more than 400 photos of life in the Michiana Jewish community since the early 20th century

  • A Family Tree that charts the connections between more than 250 families and 8.000 people;

  • A Business Database that currently contains information about more than 300 Jewish owned businesses through the decades

  • An educational series for teenagers to learn about their family histories and the Michiana Jewish Community.

  • Hands on History family fair for children and adults of all ages to interact with crafts, costumes, maps, and food from their grandparents’ era

Click here for a complete list of events, publications, exhibits, and other programs since 1994. 


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