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How do you say Hoosier in Hebrew?

However you say it, there's little doubt that the connection between Israel and Indiana, specifically our Michiana community, has been strengthened over many years of Partnership trips and Shlichim (Israel Emissaries) representatives. 

We are very fortunate to have made deep and lasting bonds with both the people and the land of Israel. Here are just a few stories from our community.

Read "Bringing Israel to Michiana" by Yael Polunsky, former shlicha of the Jewish Federation of St. Joseph Valley

Read "Connecting to the land and people" featuring Debby Barton Grant, CEO & Executive Vice President of the Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis

Read "A recent experience in Israel" featuring Pat Boettcher, who attended a recent community trip to Israel

Do you have an Israel story? Let us know if you'd like to share! Give us a call (574-233-1164) or email history@michianajewish.org. We'll be sharing more community photographs and stories from our archives this month on our Facebook page.

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