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Schmoozing about the Holidays

Pictured left: Congregants gather outside the Sons of Israel Synagogue in South Bend

Did you know that on Rosh Hashanah afternoon – back in the day –children walked from one synagogue to another to see their friends? At that time both Orthodox synagogues, Sinai synagogue, and Temple Beth-El were within walking distance of each other. This is just one gem that came out at our first Schmoozapalooza on September 15th when everyone was invited to the Federation to sit around a table and share memories of growing up in the South Bend area. Although the topic was supposed to be area businesses -- it was a schmoozapalooza and so the conversation ranged from what the Hebrew Institute was like to how much fun it was to live in the Edgewater District of South Bend, where Jews and Christians exchanged Christmas and Hanukkah presents. Della Borr, who now lives in Florida made a surprise visit, LouAnn and Mort Dobbins, Francie Rosen, Gloria Wolvos, Lesley and Mike Krueger, and Gabrielle Robinson were there. Watch your MJHS newsletters and Our Community for more Schoozapaloozas.

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